👋 Hello, I'm Chape and this is my story 👇


The Origin

Before I became a Notion Creator, I was a personal trainer for over two decades. In 2014, I decided to bring my training online and created my own website for online training. At the time, it felt like a crazy idea, but it quickly attracted the attention of big brands like Nike and Jordan. Working with them brought its own set of demands and challenges, but it also gave me the opportunity to learn and grow with some of the best professionals in the field.

Alongside my work with these brands, I continued developing my website, implementing all the knowledge I acquired. Soon, my blog was listed among the top 100 fitness blogs worldwide. It was funny to receive collaboration requests referring to 'my team,' when it was just me, working hard, and doing my best.

In the end, I sold my website and found myself with plenty of time and resources. I could have chosen to relax and spend my days on the beach, sipping caipirinhas. Instead, I decided to turn my energies towards helping other solopreneurs, making their journeys smoother by tackling everyday problems they face.

Today, I am at the beginning of a new journey as a Notion Creator. But this time, I'm savoring every moment. I have no deadlines to meet, only a commitment to myself to create the best templates I can and continue improving them. The first positive feedback has started trickling in, and it assures me I'm on the right path.

The Mission

My mission is born out of empathy, understanding, and personal experience: to lighten the load on solopreneurs, having experienced first-hand the stress and uncertainty that come with managing every aspect of a business. I've been there, I've done that, and I've learned valuable lessons that I want to share with others. The long hours, the constant pressure to do more, the feeling of being lost and alone — these are not just concepts but lived realities.

I aim to ease that burden. I strive to make your journey lighter, more organized, and more efficient. I´m not just bringing templates; I´m providing tools that will help you navigate your way, make optimal choices, and reduce the stress of managing all aspects of your business.

The vision

I envision a marketplace - a community of Notion creators, enthusiasts, and beginners - where the best templates, tips, and resources are available to everyone. It's more than just providing templates; it's about creating a supportive space that helps users navigate their journey of productivity.

I believe that excellence is a journey, not a destination. I believe in constant growth, learning, and adaptation. Your feedback, success stories, and constructive criticism are my fuel for growth.

I believe we can redefine what's possible in terms of time management and organization.