Ever felt overwhelmed juggling complicated spreadsheets and scattered notes when planning your triathlon training sessions? It's daunting, isn’t it? Managing your rigorous training should be straightforward, but it often ends up being a mess.

Triathlon training is no small feat; it requires a holistic approach. You've got three sports to master, each with its own set of challenges. To truly excel, it's not just about training hard but training smart. Keeping track of your sessions, understanding your progress, and adjusting accordingly is essential.

Picture this: You're weeks into your training, only to realize that you've missed several sessions. Or worse, you're not making the progress you hoped for because you're not tracking efficiently. Frustration builds, motivation wanes, and your goals seem increasingly out of reach.

Enter 3Mate, the game-changer for triathletes like you.

  • Effortless Planning & Tracking: Wave goodbye to those cumbersome tools. With just a few clicks, 3Mate streamlines your triathlon session planning and tracking on a single Notion page.
  • Visual Calendar Overview: Get a birds-eye view of your training journey. No surprises, no missed sessions — just a clear roadmap to your triathlon aspirations.
  • In-depth Analysis: Don't just train; understand. With 3Mate's easy-to-decipher visualizations, gain insights that empower you to tweak, refine, and excel.

Ready to redefine your triathlon journey? Step up your game with 3Mate, your ultimate triathlon planning and exercise tracking companion. Dive in now and discover the smarter way to train.

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