Stressed about trip planning?

The maze of booking sites, budget spreadsheets, and currency calculators can turn the joy of travel planning into a task as daunting as climbing Everest

Around the World is your compass to navigate this terrain with ease, ensuring your next adventure is nothing short of epic

No more travel tribulations

Our Notion template is a masterclass in travel efficiency, each feature finely tuned to craft the ultimate journey

Engineered for Exploration

Global Guide

Miss no marvel with our AI-driven Itinerary Builder, your personal concierge to the world's wonders.

Expense Engineer

Our Budget Management system is your financial co-pilot, ensuring every cent is smartly spent.

Prep Perfection

From boarding pass to local phrases, ready yourself for every aspect of your trip

Dream Dashboard

Visualize and visit your bucket-list destinations with our inspiring and interactive board.

Benefits of Using Around the World

Set Sail with Superior Advantages

Seamless Sync

Merge your plans into one platform and stride forth with confidence

Journey Maximization

Leverage every moment and dollar for an unforgettable travel tapestry

Tranquil Travels

Navigate new horizons with the assurance of having a comprehensive planning ally

Ready, Set, Go

From tickets to tips, have all your travel essentials organized and at your fingertips

Around the World

Your Global Dashboard

Gather your itineraries, budgets, and must-sees in a singular, streamlined sanctuary of travel planning.

Start crafting your dream voyage


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